Possums Over the Moon

What is it?

Possums Over the Moon is a group teaching resource for Beginner String Programs in Schools.

Choose the option that best suits your teaching style:

Option 1: Purchase & Download eBooks Only. No Subscription needed

Option 2: Subscribe to the Website for full access

  • Full access to all online Teaching Resources (full details below)
  • All Student books, Teacher’s Book & Piano Accompaniment Book
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For a look & listen to Scores & Audio Tracks go to:

Website Teaching Resources

The website gives you all the tools you need to teach repertoire and technique in your Beginner String Group class. Play-along videos and audio backing tracks make learning pieces simple, fast and fun while supplementary material takes the hard work out of lesson preparation.

What’s in the box?

  • Play-along Videos
  • Preparation Exercises
  • Student books, Teacher’s Score & Piano Accompaniment Book
  • Practice Pods
  • Audio backing tracks
  • Teacher’s Notes & Lesson Plans
  • Website access for 5 Teachers and more …
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Donvale-String-Class-Eugenie-Teychenne.jpg
The String Team and Year 3 class at Carey Grammar School Donvale campus

How does it assist learning?

  • Interactive videos for big screen provide a central focus point for the class
  • Audio backing tracks build aural memory and develop ensemble skills
  • Synchronised moving cursor trains the eye to follow the score
  • Optional tempos accommodate students’ rate of learning
  • Preparation exercises develop technical skills specific to each piece
  • Practice Pod videos guide and motivate students’ practice at home
  • Lesson plans provide curriculum and structure
  • 15 original pieces build technique progressively across all string instruments

What does it cost?

An annual subscription costs $475 and runs for 12 months from the day of Registration. 

How do I access it?

Open Possums Over the Moon website in your browser and select your teaching tools. You will need a projector and big screen to display the videos and good internet connection.

Practice Pods can be accessed easily by students on their own devices, with no registration or password required.

How do I purchase?

Payment is made by Credit Card or Manual Payment option. Go to possumsoverthemoon.com and find the Register Page in the menu bar. Enter your Contact and Billing details as prompted.

Once payment is successful you will be sent a confirmation email and you can login with the username and password nominated by you in the Registration form. A detailed invoice can be accessed from the Account page.

For more information…

If you would like to know more, please contact thepossumteam@gmail.com